Electrical and power engineering

Efficient production for the electrical and energy industry

E-mobility is booming and so is electrical and energy technology. Companies are increasingly faced with the challenge of meeting the needs of future trends, however dynamic they may be. Success will only come to those who can keep pace with the demands of tomorrow and still deliver high quality standards and precision.

prukon offers high precision in machining technology for the production of individual and series parts. Our innovative machinery and flexibility enable us to implement new developments in electrical and energy technology reliably and cost-effectively.

Thanks to years of experience, we are able to manufacture the most sophisticated products and deliver quality, reliability and productivity. Always with the customer’s requirements and wishes at the forefront.

prukon helps you to future-proof your company.

Machining technology

Extract from areas of application:

  • Computer peripherals
  • Components: Battery
  • Components: Renewable energies
  • Repair
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