Assembly lines and systems

Assembly according to individual design drawings

We offer the production and assembly of complete assembly lines and systems according to your individual production and assembly drawings, parts lists, pneumatic diagrams and circuit diagrams.

Thanks to our complete service, you benefit not only from efficient assembly production but also from other services that we can offer in-house:

  • Project management, change designs
  • Hardware and software planning and modifications, visualizations
  • CNC production of turned, turned-milled and milled parts, including High quality inspection
  • Commissioning
  • After-sales service

Reference projects

Assembly system

Fully automated production line for coolant pumps

A complete, fully automated production line for the assembly of electric coolant pumps was manufactured, assembled and commissioned on behalf of a customer.

Functions: Soldering, optical solder joint testing, feeding and fitting housing covers, laser welding, electronic PI testing, leak testing, laser marking.

Project scope:
  • Production of individual parts and procurement of purchased parts according to parts list
  • Mechanical assembly according to assembly drawings
  • Electrical wiring and switch cabinet construction
  • Commissioning of individual systems and safety technology
  • Change design, adaptation of the hardware plan

Final assembly workstations

Workstations for holding changing devices

Ergonomic height-adjustable workstations were installed for the final inspection of various components. Changing devices with quick-release couplings for electrics and pneumatics allow flexible use for different products. A touch panel with visualization facilitates operation.

Project scope:
  • Production of individual parts and procurement of purchased parts according to parts list
  • Assembly according to assembly drawings
  • Control cabinet construction and electrical wiring
  • Programming and commissioning

Testing system for the automotive industry

Rotary testing system for pulleys

Efficient parts inspection in a matter of seconds is achieved through the fully automated inspection of various criteria. The control of several features was realized in a space-saving ring rotary transfer machine with 12 stations.

A visualization application with the WinCC flexible system was created for the clear mapping of all control processes.

The system can be fully operated and monitored via the visualization. All important process information, fault messages, system parameters, etc. are displayed, thus preventing operating errors.

Areas of expertise – subassembly production

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