Quality assurance

Practiced quality assurance creates trust

Our customers value our experience and the consistently high quality of our work. It is a matter of course for us to test and document the products manufactured using CAD/CAM and CNC technology accordingly.

Other methods:
  • Feasibility analysis / feasibility assessment, plausibility check
  • Initial sample test report according to VDA 6.1
  • Fault detection via SPC
  • Error evaluation according to Pareto, error analysis according to Ishikawa incl. Action plan
  • Measuring equipment management
  • Workplace design according to REFA
  • 3D coordinate measuring machines:
    • Zeiss PRISMO navigator, measuring range 900 x 1200 x 650 mm,
      MPE: 0.9 + L/350 μm, Software: Calypso
    • Zeiss CONTURA, 800 x 1200 x 800 mm,
      MPE: 1.8 + L/350 µm, Software: Calypso
  • Garant HC1 height gauge
  • Contour measuring system optacom VC-10
  • Surface roughness measuring device Garant ST1
  • Hardness tester alphaDUR

Quality standard

Each and every one of us sees ourselves as a quality assurance employee

Our customers value the experience and high quality of our work. All production parts are tested according to their quality characteristics and the results are carefully documented.

We use the appropriate measuring technology with the necessary measuring equipment and measuring systems for this purpose.

This enables us to guarantee a reliable production process and consistent quality in all our products.

Measurement technology

High-quality equipment

We have the ideal conditions for reliable quality control. We monitor the dimensional accuracy of our production parts using high-quality measuring equipment in an air-conditioned precision measuring room.

With the most precise measuring technology, minimal deviations can be detected even on complicated contours.

All our measuring equipment is subject to permanent test equipment monitoring. Our measuring machines are calibrated at regular intervals to ensure reproducible results.

Documentation and statistics

Seamless documentation of measurement data

Our documentation complies with the principles of ISO 9001.

All measurement data is archived at a central location and used for statistical evaluations. Effective CIP measures can be derived from the results and production steps can be optimized.

We are happy to take on the documentation of measurement data and the creation of initial sample test reports in accordance with VDA and PPAP Level 3.

Project management, production and quality assurance work closely together with the aim of continuously improving the production process.


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