From individual advice to an optimized production process

We keep an eye on the entire production process even before the order is placed. We work closely with our customers and suppliers and discuss every detail relating to the manufacture of the product.

Prototypes, pilot series and initial sample deliveries – important milestones in the development of new products. We manufacture prototypes and pre-series according to your drawings, sketches, customer samples or data models. Supported by modern production planning and control systems, we create work and test plans. After digitizing data, developing 3D models and creating drawings, we manufacture your prototypes and pre-series economically and efficiently.

We check the manufacturability of the parts, discuss with you the clamping technology suitable for production and optimize the individual production steps. We also plan and implement the necessary quality assurance. Based on the machine capability test, we achieve maximum safety and quality throughout the entire production process by determining the process capability.

In order to be able to manufacture even more economically, we take the automation of our machine tools into our own hands. Our in-house development department creates efficient solutions that make it possible to partially or completely replace cost-intensive manual loading and unloading.


  • 3D coordinate measuring machines:
    • Zeiss PRISMO navigator, measuring range 900 x 1200 x 650 mm,
      MPE: 0.9 + L/350 μm, Software: Calypso
    • Zeiss CONTURA, 800 x 1200 x 800 mm,
      MPE: 1.8 + L/350 µm, Software: Calypso
  • Garant HC1 height gauge
  • Contour measuring system optacom VC-10
  • Surface roughness measuring device Garant ST1
  • Hardness tester alphaDUR

Wire erosion of the finest structures

By expanding our machine park with modern wire erosion systems from Mitsubishi Electric, we are able to offer high-precision wire erosion work for small series and series production.

Performance data of our CNC water bath wire EDM systems, with wire threading and automatic fine hole detection:
Travel paths: 500 x 350 x 300 mm
Surface finish: up to Ra 0.2 µm
Wire diameter: 0.25 mm

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